Business Coach
Consultant & Lecturer

for value based Corporate Governance

I will support you as a Coach …

… and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner in key stages of your professional career as well as stages of upheaval. Often the case will be crises in career or searches for meaning and just as often as professional cases come private aspects such as health, family, life plans, dreams.

As a coach with a qualification certified according to DBVC* …

…I possess the tools to support you in the development and evolvement of your potential. As a human being with my own career and life experience I can bring to bear my own inner and exterior “travel experiences”.

I will support you 

  • in both developing and implementing individual solutions,
  • in finding alternatives in apparently deadlocked constellations,
  • and in recognizing your own resources and competences better.

It is often in times of crisis that opportunities arise to mobilize strength for the path to be followed.

Methodical work in combination with Therapeutic Touch

Professional Coaching enables one to work with various methods to achieve targets and deal with challenging situations. I work flexibly where it suits you – also abroad. Coaching at your company offers the benefit that I can become familiar with your environment. Coaching in my place in Augsburg offers you the distance you may need to reflect on your situation. Telephone-Coaching is a way to save time, after we have gotten to know each other.

* DBVC – Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.