Business Coach
Consultant & Lecturer

for value based Corporate Governance

I pass on knowledge and experience

There is a significant difference between having learned something and having actually experienced something. It is important for me to incorporate both into my lectures: theoretical background knowledge and technical know-how coupled with my own experiences.

I work as a lecturer for a course of studies called “CSR-Manager” at the Fundraising Akademie gGmbh, manage workshops and seminars, give lectures at conferences and conventions and provide inspiration at expert panel meetings, for associations or at internal company events.

My main points:

CSR and sustainability with the components

  • Value-based corporate governance
  • Valuable human resources development
  • Vital corporate culture and mission statement
  • Corporate ethics
  • Social involvement, corporate citizenship
  • Sustainable environmental management

Matters of life and personality

  • Recognize, accept, and review crises of purpose
  • Life and job: Discover and fulfil your dreams
  • Gain self control
  • Intuition as a source of strength
  • Exterior and interior journeys